Grand Mère is an independent, family owned enterprise that hails from Alsace, the famed French region along the German border. We've been making pasta using the same family recipes for three generations! Now available in the United States.

Grand-Mère means Grandmother in French. This grand-mère is wearing the traditional "coiffe", from Alsace, where our pasta has been made for generations.

The n4 is a Grand Mère classic. At a width of 4 mm, it's perfect for delicate pasta dishes. Cook it for 7 mins for perfect firmness.

Free-range organic eggs: that's what makes Grand Mère so special. To make the tastiest nests, we use three organic eggs per kilo of pasta.

Why Grand Mère

Making pasta with eggs is a tradition in France. The free-range organic eggs not only give a unique flavor to our pasta, but also make it a nutritious option! (Eggs are a great source of protein). Our pasta tastes great with just a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of coarse salt!

Our Pasta


The original recipe that has made Grand Mère so successful in Europe!
Ingredients: Organic durum wheat semolina, organic eggs(14%).

Whole Grain

Our 4mm egg pasta nests for those with a
penchant for whole grain!
Ingredients: Organic whole grain durum wheat semolina, organic eggs (14%).


The eye-catcher egg pasta nests with
spinach, beetroot and tomato flavors!
Ingredients: Organic durum wheat semolina, organic eggs (13.5%), organic spinach powder, organic tomato powder, organic beetroot powder.