timeline year 1910

Birth of Robert Heimburger in Marlenheim, France.


timeline year 1933

Robert starts his bakery in the nearby town of Sarreguemines, where he makes not only bread and pastries, but also fresh egg pasta which he dries in his oven.


timeline year 1940

The Second World War pushes Robert to close his bakery and relocate back to his hometown of Marlenheim. There, he dedicates himself to the craft to feed local villagers during these hard times.


timeline year 1946-1947

He decides to build his own egg pasta factory, while choosing to commercialize his first brand: la Colombe - to symbolize peace.


timeline year 1955

Robert Heimburger decides to expand his production to spatzle (traditional German egg pasta) and expands his factory.


timeline year 1971

The iconic Grand Mère brand is born.


timeline year 1979

The family business is passed onto his son ... Robert Heimburger.


timeline year 2001

Alsace Egg Pasta (Grand Mère's specialty) obtains the Protected Geographical Indication - a special recognition!


timeline year 2014

Still family-owned, the Heimburger company is passed on to the founder's grandson - Philippe Heimburger.


timeline year 2018

Already exporting to over 20 countries worldwide, Grand Mère decides to roll out in the United States!